Crystal Ally Card Reading for the Retreat

Here is the Ally Card Reading and the message I channelled for all our Crystal Enlightenment Retreat Participants early this morning:

The Theme

Moonstone – Cycles

You have met together at a time of great change on Planet Earth. This Retreat was not a chance occurrence, its organisation was prophesied and you have both (Michael Eastwood and myself) been guided to bring it forward at this time. Humanity is completing one great cycle and it is time to start anew. You are playing your part by being here now.

What needs Transforming?

Sunstone – Leadership

Leaders on this Planet have been too warrior-like. Your peaceful leaders are few and far between. The power has been given to those least equipped to lead humanity. You are being called on now as healers to take a greater part on the World stage. You have been hidden, shy of being mocked. Don’t be. The World needs a new kind of leadership and you will be listened to now as you were in the distant past.

It is a time of shifting the balance from the cycle of the masculine back into harmony with the feminine as equal partners. Moonstone and Sunstone reflect this possibility of harmony.

The Energy Coming In

Sugilite – Dreams

What do you believe is possible now? The door is opening to your dreams. The Universe is bringing fresh opportunities. Will you go through that door? The outcome will depend on the quality of your thoughts.

The Energy the Group is Experiencing

Storm Element

Expect rapid change now. Storm breaks up stagnated energy and shifts dynamically. It stimulates and invigorates. It is intense. Be prepared for that intensity and go with it. The easiest way is to allow all of the Elements to flow through you. Don’t resist. Resistance to energetic evolution causes pain and discomfort. Let it move. Let it flow. Let it happen.

The Outcome from the Retreat

Moldavite – Transformation

All those who chose to come on this Retreat will be changed by it if they allow this. It isn’t just a nice pastime or a little holiday, it is the seeding of radical change for each of you. It is time you all now claimed your wings so you can fly into freedom and be your True Selves.

You are no longer restrained by others’ opinions. Hold your heads high. Claim your power. Your time is now.

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