What to bring on the 2018 Crystal Enlightenment Retreat

Your Retreat is nearly here! Time to start gathering some things together. I know Michael has already started his packing!! There may be some specific types of crystals you don't have. Don't worry, bring what you do have and Mike and I will aim to have some available for you to borrow or buy.

Dressing gowns & slippers (remember the bathrooms are on the corridors at Hawkwood!)

Sensible outdoor shoes and a coat for exploring the grounds and outdoor activities (weather permitting)

Notebooks and pens

A yoga mat or a blanket to lie on

A crystal for 'show and tell' - one that has an interesting story attached or just needs to be shown off to people! I will also be leading you on a guided visualisation with it.

A crystal pendulum (I'll have some for sale if you don't have one)

Starbrary Quartz crystal if you have one (I have some to borrow/buy if not)

Your favourite Master quartz if you have one

An Isis quartz if you have one

An Elestial quartz if you have one

A crystal dragon skull if you have one

L rods (dowsing rods) if you have them

Percussion instruments (drums, rattles etc) if you have them

Pocket money for buying crystals!

And anything else you want to bring along!

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